Commit db49dbe0 authored by Kyle Lutz's avatar Kyle Lutz
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Add check for empty table to vtkScatterPlotMatrix::SetInput()

This adds a check to see if the input table is empty and
if so does not set it as the input.

Change-Id: I4f7d870e7f2b099bacac4f43bc762c2ccbb70348
parent 8bbcec98
......@@ -181,6 +181,12 @@ vtkVector2i vtkScatterPlotMatrix::GetActivePlot()
void vtkScatterPlotMatrix::SetInput(vtkTable *table)
if(table && table->GetNumberOfRows() == 0)
// do nothing if the table is emtpy
if (this->Input != table)
// Set the input, then update the size of the scatter plot matrix, set
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