Commit daea12d9 authored by Mathieu Westphal's avatar Mathieu Westphal

Fix a uninitalized memory in chart matrix

his commit fix a valgrind detected memory bug
of uninitialized memory
parent c7d54635
......@@ -198,7 +198,8 @@ void vtkChartMatrix::SetGutterY(float value)
void vtkChartMatrix::SetSpecificResize(const vtkVector2i& index, const vtkVector2f& resize)
if (this->SpecificResize[index] != resize)
if (this->SpecificResize.find(index) == this->SpecificResize.end() ||
this->SpecificResize[index] != resize)
this->SpecificResize[index] = resize;
this->LayoutIsDirty = true;
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