Commit d7db15eb authored by David E. DeMarle's avatar David E. DeMarle
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Remove some incomplete test files

Seems these ghost references were introduced in cc5101a8 without
the accompanying data files. They have never been used in master so
I am removing them to fix data file tarball generation.
parent f00e9f92
......@@ -87,13 +87,6 @@ list(APPEND data_tests TestPolyhedron2.cxx)
vtk_add_test_cxx(${vtk-module}CxxTests output_tests
#vtk_add_test_cxx(${vtk-module}CxxTests custom_tests
# LagrangeInterpolation.cxx,NO_DATA
# DATA{../Data/Baseline/LagrangeInterpolation_333hex.png,:}
# DATA{../Data/Baseline/LagrangeInterpolation_531hex.png,:}
# DATA{../Data/Baseline/LagrangeInterpolation_333wedge.png,:}
# )
NAME TestPolyhedron2
COMMAND ${vtk-module}CxxTests TestPolyhedron2
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