Commit d2d978ce authored by Berk Geveci's avatar Berk Geveci

BUG: Algorithm should not work with Executive directly.

Algorithms should not use the executive to get the output information.
They should use the arguments to ProcessRequest instead. In this case,
vtkGenericDataObjectReader was setting (in RequestDataObject) the output
data object on the executive's output port. This caused problems when
the method was called with other information objects.
parent 811b6c20
...@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ ...@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
#include "vtkUnstructuredGrid.h" #include "vtkUnstructuredGrid.h"
#include "vtkUnstructuredGridReader.h" #include "vtkUnstructuredGridReader.h"
vtkCxxRevisionMacro(vtkGenericDataObjectReader, "1.4"); vtkCxxRevisionMacro(vtkGenericDataObjectReader, "1.5");
vtkStandardNewMacro(vtkGenericDataObjectReader); vtkStandardNewMacro(vtkGenericDataObjectReader);
template<typename ReaderT, typename DataT> template<typename ReaderT, typename DataT>
...@@ -153,10 +153,8 @@ int vtkGenericDataObjectReader::RequestDataObject( ...@@ -153,10 +153,8 @@ int vtkGenericDataObjectReader::RequestDataObject(
return 0; return 0;
} }
this->GetExecutive()->SetOutputData(0, output); output->SetPipelineInformation(info);
output->Delete(); output->Delete();
vtkDataObject::DATA_EXTENT_TYPE(), output->GetExtentType());
} }
return 1; return 1;
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