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Improved a few public API comments after working with them

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......@@ -166,14 +166,15 @@ public:
* This method lets the user specify data to be held by the array. The
* array argument is a pointer to the data. size is the size of the
* array supplied by the user. Set save to 1 to keep the class from
* array supplied by the user (as number of values, not in bytes).
* Set save to 1 to prevent the class from
* deleting the array when it cleans up or reallocates memory. The class
* uses the actual array provided; it does not copy the data from the
* suppled array. If specified, the delete method determines how the data
* array will be deallocated. If the delete method is
* VTK_DATA_ARRAY_FREE, free() will be used. If the delete method is
* VTK_DATA_ARRAY_DELETE, delete[] will be used. If the delete method is
* VTK_DATA_ARRAY_ALIGNED_FREE _aligned_free() will be used on windows, while
* VTK_DATA_ARRAY_ALIGNED_FREE _aligned_free() will be used on Windows, while
* free() will be used everywhere else. The default is FREE.
void SetArray(VTK_ZEROCOPY ValueType* array, vtkIdType size, int save,
......@@ -95,9 +95,9 @@ public:
* Return the underlying data type. An integer indicating data type is
* returned as specified in vtkSetGet.h.
* returned as specified in vtkType.h.
virtual int GetDataType() =0;
virtual int GetDataType() = 0;
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