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BUG: Internal class vtkSWCallback is the same name as that found in...

BUG: Internal class vtkSWCallback is the same name as that found in vtkSplineWidget. This causes confusion during dynamic loading on some platforms, so the callback was renamed.
parent c673ebe4
......@@ -42,18 +42,18 @@
// This does the actual work: updates the probe.
// Callback for the interaction
class vtkSWCallback : public vtkCommand
class vtkSliderCallback : public vtkCommand
static vtkSWCallback *New()
{ return new vtkSWCallback; }
static vtkSliderCallback *New()
{ return new vtkSliderCallback; }
virtual void Execute(vtkObject *caller, unsigned long, void*)
vtkSliderWidget *sliderWidget =
this->Glyph->SetScaleFactor(static_cast<vtkSliderRepresentation *>(sliderWidget->GetRepresentation())->GetValue());
vtkSWCallback():Glyph(0) {}
vtkSliderCallback():Glyph(0) {}
vtkGlyph3D *Glyph;
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ int TestSliderWidget( int argc, char *argv[] )
vtkSWCallback *callback = vtkSWCallback::New();
vtkSliderCallback *callback = vtkSliderCallback::New();
callback->Glyph = glyph;
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