Commit af4db6d9 authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi
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ERR: delete [] buf.str() replaced with buf.rdbuf()->freeze(0) to sync it

     with the code in vtkObjectBase.cxx  ( the delete [] was causing
     segfaults on my system and some other linux/gcc3.1 systems for an
     unknown reason)
parent a0c3af4b
......@@ -672,7 +672,7 @@ void vtkParseOutput(FILE *fp, FileInfo *data)
fprintf(fp," op->Print(buf);\n");
fprintf(fp," buf.put('\\0');\n");
fprintf(fp," Tcl_SetResult(interp,buf.str(),TCL_VOLATILE);\n");
fprintf(fp," delete [] buf.str();\n");
fprintf(fp," buf.rdbuf()->freeze(0);\n");
fprintf(fp," return TCL_OK;\n }\n");
/* Add the PrintRevisions method to vtkObjectBase. */
fprintf(fp," if ((!strcmp(\"PrintRevisions\",argv[1]))&&(argc == 2))\n {\n");
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