Commit ae9aeb16 authored by Chris Harris's avatar Chris Harris
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Fix strncmp(...) length when looking for "edges"

Any tree contain edge data would fail to read. As the
strncmp(...) to look for "edges" was passing a length
of 4, this would also match "edge_data"! Use a length
of 5 instead.

Change-Id: I3ad38600edbadb4a8cd89f5bb4f448cff64f0f23
parent ddfcd0f4
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ int vtkTreeReader::RequestData(
if(!strncmp(this->LowerCase(line), "edges", 4))
if(!strncmp(this->LowerCase(line), "edges", 5))
int edge_count = 0;
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