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ENH:UG Example

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# This example demonstrates the subsampling of a structured grid.
# First we include the VTK Tcl packages which will make available
# all of the vtk commands from Tcl. The vtkinteraction package defines
# a simple Tcl/Tk interactor widget.
package require vtk
package require vtkinteraction
# Read some structured data.
vtkPLOT3DReader pl3d
pl3d SetXYZFileName "$VTK_DATA_ROOT/Data/combxyz.bin"
pl3d SetQFileName "$VTK_DATA_ROOT/Data/combq.bin"
pl3d SetScalarFunctionNumber 100
pl3d SetVectorFunctionNumber 202
pl3d Update
# Here we subsample the grid. The SetVOI method requires six values
# specifying (imin,imax, jmin,jmax, kmin,kmax) extents. In this example
# we extracting a plane. Note that the VOI is clamped to zero (min) and
# the maximum i-j-k value; that way we can use the -1000,1000 specification
# and be sure the values are clamped. The SampleRate specifies that we take
# every point in the i-direction; every other point in the j-direction; and
# every third point in the k-direction. IncludeBoundaryOn makes sure that we
# get the boundary points even if the SampleRate does not coincident with
# the boundary.
vtkExtractGrid extract
extract SetInput [pl3d GetOutput]
extract SetVOI 30 30 -1000 1000 -1000 1000
extract SetSampleRate 1 2 3
extract IncludeBoundaryOn
vtkDataSetMapper mapper
mapper SetInput [extract GetOutput]
mapper SetScalarRange .18 .7
vtkActor actor
actor SetMapper mapper
vtkStructuredGridOutlineFilter outline
outline SetInput [pl3d GetOutput]
vtkPolyDataMapper outlineMapper
outlineMapper SetInput [outline GetOutput]
vtkActor outlineActor
outlineActor SetMapper outlineMapper
[outlineActor GetProperty] SetColor 0 0 0
# Add the usual rendering stuff.
vtkRenderer ren1
vtkRenderWindow renWin
renWin AddRenderer ren1
vtkRenderWindowInteractor iren
iren SetRenderWindow renWin
# Add the actors to the renderer, set the background and size
ren1 AddActor outlineActor
ren1 AddActor actor
ren1 SetBackground 1 1 1
renWin SetSize 300 180
set cam1 [ren1 GetActiveCamera]
$cam1 SetClippingRange 2.64586 47.905
$cam1 SetFocalPoint 8.931 0.358127 31.3526
$cam1 SetPosition 29.7111 -0.688615 37.1495
$cam1 SetViewUp -0.268328 0.00801595 0.963294
# render the image
iren SetUserMethod {wm deiconify .vtkInteract}
renWin Render
# prevent the tk window from showing up then start the event loop
wm withdraw .
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