Commit a81c9b33 authored by Sebastien Barre's avatar Sebastien Barre
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ENH: support AddObserver with priority parameter

parent c7dfbd84
......@@ -670,18 +670,25 @@ void vtkParseOutput(FILE *fp, FileInfo *data)
fprintf(fp," delete buf.str();\n");
fprintf(fp," return TCL_OK;\n }\n");
fprintf(fp," if ((!strcmp(\"AddObserver\",argv[1]))&&(argc == 4))\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," if ((!strcmp(\"AddObserver\",argv[1]))&&(argc >= 4))\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," error = 0;\n");
fprintf(fp," if (argc > 4 && Tcl_GetDouble(interp,argv[4],&tempd) != TCL_OK) error = 1;\n");
fprintf(fp," if (!error)\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," vtkTclCommand *cbc = vtkTclCommand::New();\n");
fprintf(fp," cbc->SetInterp(interp);\n");
fprintf(fp," cbc->SetStringCommand(argv[3]);\n");
fprintf(fp," unsigned long temp20;\n");
fprintf(fp," if (argc > 4)\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," temp20 = op->AddObserver(argv[2],cbc,tempd);\n");
fprintf(fp," }\n else\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," temp20 = op->AddObserver(argv[2],cbc);\n");
fprintf(fp," }\n");
fprintf(fp," cbc->Delete();\n");
fprintf(fp," char tempResult[1024];\n");
fprintf(fp," sprintf(tempResult,\"%%li\",temp20);\n");
fprintf(fp," Tcl_SetResult(interp,tempResult,TCL_VOLATILE);\n");
fprintf(fp," return TCL_OK;\n }\n");
fprintf(fp," }\n");
fprintf(fp,"\n if ((argc >= 2)&&(!strstr(interp->result,\"Object named:\")))\n {\n");
fprintf(fp," char temps2[256];\n sprintf(temps2,\"Object named: %%s, could not find requested method: %%s\\nor the method was called with incorrect arguments.\\n\",argv[0],argv[1]);\n Tcl_AppendResult(interp,temps2,NULL);\n }\n");
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