Commit 9d816358 authored by Will Schroeder's avatar Will Schroeder
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Fixed skipping non-intersecting slices.

Volumes with large empty spaces (i.e., areas with no iso-contour) can
b skipped over. This skipping process was not always working and
has been fixed.
parent b1b0b635
...@@ -362,6 +362,8 @@ public: ...@@ -362,6 +362,8 @@ public:
}//for all rows in this slice }//for all rows in this slice
}//if there are triangles }//if there are triangles
slicePtr += this->Algo->Inc2; slicePtr += this->Algo->Inc2;
eMD0 = eMD1;
eMD1 = eMD0 + 6*this->Algo->Dims[1];
}//for all slices in this batch }//for all slices in this batch
} }
}; };
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