Commit 8a095a0d authored by Allison Vacanti's avatar Allison Vacanti

Improve performance of XML writers.

The SVG exporter uses the VTK XML writers, and part of
the SVG spec is that images end up encoded in an attribute
using base 64.

Writing out modest (~1024x512) images was taking several
minutes. Fixed the issue identified here, and now the write
is more or less instantaneous.
parent 318dd7f0
......@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@ void vtkXMLDataElement::PrintCharacterData(ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
// <, >, &, ", ', respectively.
void vtkXMLDataElement::PrintWithEscapedData(ostream& os, const char* data)
for(size_t i=0;i<strlen(data);i++)
for(size_t i=0; data[i] != 0; i++)
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