Commit 8490faf5 authored by Charles Law's avatar Charles Law
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Make methods virtual so that paraview can define its own picking.

parent 6ffabd65
......@@ -225,13 +225,13 @@ protected:
void* calldata);
// ProcessEvents() dispatches to these methods.
void OnMouseMove();
void OnLeftButtonDown();
void OnLeftButtonUp();
void OnMiddleButtonDown();
void OnMiddleButtonUp();
void OnRightButtonDown();
void OnRightButtonUp();
virtual void OnMouseMove();
virtual void OnLeftButtonDown();
virtual void OnLeftButtonUp();
virtual void OnMiddleButtonDown();
virtual void OnMiddleButtonUp();
virtual void OnRightButtonDown();
virtual void OnRightButtonUp();
// the cursor3D
vtkActor *Actor;
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