Commit 779b55df authored by Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar Marcus D. Hanwell
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ENH: Set a larger gutter on the matrix.

As these display all axis labels, a larger gutter is required. This also
exercises that API in one of our tests.

Change-Id: I7693d0d2b3c3dd2d2f4f03bfefd0277e3acedda8
parent 28e805b9
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ int TestChartMatrix( int, char * [] )
vtkNew<vtkChartMatrix> matrix;
matrix->SetSize(vtkVector2i(2, 2));
matrix->SetGutter(vtkVector2f(30.0, 30.0));
vtkChart *chart = matrix->GetChart(vtkVector2i(0, 0));
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