Commit 6cdad2a2 authored by Colin Myers's avatar Colin Myers Committed by Marcus D. Hanwell
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Fixed reading of int values. Tulip format requires the values to be in quotes.

Change-Id: I58bcd7f5c19a376c8a0c1fcc28ffa039a6025d9c
parent 9af3345e
......@@ -316,8 +316,12 @@ int vtkTulipReader::RequestData(
tok.Type == vtkTulipReaderToken::INT);
int id = tok.IntValue;
vtkTulipReaderNextToken(fin, tok);
assert(tok.Type == vtkTulipReaderToken::INT);
int value = tok.IntValue;
assert(tok.Type == vtkTulipReaderToken::TEXT);
vtksys_ios::stringstream ss;
int value;
ss << tok.StringValue;
ss >> value;
vtkTulipReaderNextToken(fin, tok);
assert(tok.Type == vtkTulipReaderToken::CLOSE_PAREN);
vtkTulipReaderNextToken(fin, tok);
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