Commit 5700d2ee authored by Sean McBride's avatar Sean McBride
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Fixed mismatch between ivars and get/set macros

Fixed one or the other to match.
parent 3bb4d633
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ public:
// Description:
// The maximum number of cycles run to see if the value goes over 2
vtkSetClampMacro(MaximumNumberOfIterations, unsigned short, 1, 255);
vtkSetClampMacro(MaximumNumberOfIterations, unsigned char, 1, 255);
vtkGetMacro(MaximumNumberOfIterations, unsigned char);
// Description:
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ protected:
AssessFunctor*& dfunc );
int NumberOfIntervals;
vtkIdType NumberOfIntervals;
QuantileDefinitionType QuantileDefinition;
bool Quantize;
vtkIdType MaximumHistogramSize;
......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ protected:
AssessFunctor*& dfunc ) = 0;
int NumberOfPrimaryTables;
vtkIdType NumberOfPrimaryTables;
bool LearnOption;
bool DeriveOption;
bool AssessOption;
......@@ -50,18 +50,18 @@ public:
// Description:
// Set/Get what value is considered as connecting pixels.
vtkSetMacro(InputConnectValue, int);
vtkGetMacro(InputConnectValue, int);
vtkSetMacro(InputConnectValue, unsigned char);
vtkGetMacro(InputConnectValue, unsigned char);
// Description:
// Set/Get the value to set connected pixels to.
vtkSetMacro(OutputConnectedValue, int);
vtkGetMacro(OutputConnectedValue, int);
vtkSetMacro(OutputConnectedValue, unsigned char);
vtkGetMacro(OutputConnectedValue, unsigned char);
// Description:
// Set/Get the value to set unconnected pixels to.
vtkSetMacro(OutputUnconnectedValue, int);
vtkGetMacro(OutputUnconnectedValue, int);
vtkSetMacro(OutputUnconnectedValue, unsigned char);
vtkGetMacro(OutputUnconnectedValue, unsigned char);
// Description:
// Get the vtkImageCOnnector used by this filter.
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