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Commit 4f68fc9b authored by Dave Partyka's avatar Dave Partyka Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'vtkhdf5'

9e8a3d73 vtkhdf5: Adjust H5_IS_API macro to handle vtk__ mangling.
parents 7222ab08 9e8a3d73
......@@ -1649,7 +1649,9 @@ H5_DLL double H5_trace(const double *calltime, const char *func, const char *typ
/* `S' is the name of a function which is being tested to check if its */
/* an API function */
#define H5_IS_API(S) ('_'!=((const char *)S)[2] && '_'!=((const char *)S)[3] && (!((const char *)S)[4] || '_'!=((const char *)S)[4]))
#define H5_IS_API(S) (('_'!=((const char *)S)[2] && '_'!=((const char *)S)[3] && (!((const char *)S)[4] || '_'!=((const char *)S)[4])) || \
('_'!=((const char *)S)[7] && '_'!=((const char *)S)[8] && (!((const char *)S)[9] || '_'!=((const char *)S)[9])))
/* global library version information string */
extern char H5_lib_vers_info_g[];
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