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Commit 4a32eda2 authored by Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar Marcus D. Hanwell
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COMP: Fixed compiler warning - hidden methods.

These two methods are not currently used for this type of plot.
parent d56ab4eb
......@@ -52,7 +52,10 @@ public:
// Set the input, we are expecting a vtkImageData with just one component,
// this would normally be a float or a double. It will be passed to the other
// functions as a double to generate a color.
void SetInput(vtkImageData *data, vtkIdType z = 0);
virtual void SetInput(vtkImageData *data, vtkIdType z = 0);
virtual void SetInput(vtkTable*) { }
virtual void SetInput(vtkTable*, const char*, const char*) { }
// Description:
// Get the input table used by the plot.
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