Commit 48c30e93 authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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fix typos

parent d56a87f1
...@@ -62,20 +62,20 @@ if {[catch {set channel [open $dir/test.tmp w]}] == 0 } { ...@@ -62,20 +62,20 @@ if {[catch {set channel [open $dir/test.tmp w]}] == 0 } {
psw2 SetFileName $dir/ psw2 SetFileName $dir/
vtkPNGWriter pngw1 vtkPNGWriter pngw1
psw1 SetInput [image1 GetOutput] pngw1 SetInput [image1 GetOutput]
psw1 SetFileName $dir/pngw1.png pngw1 SetFileName $dir/pngw1.png
vtkPNGWriter pngw2 vtkPNGWriter pngw2
psw2 SetInput [luminance GetOutput] pngw2 SetInput [luminance GetOutput]
psw2 SetFileName $dir/pngw2.png pngw2 SetFileName $dir/pngw2.png
vtkJPEGWriter jpgw1 vtkJPEGWriter jpgw1
psw1 SetInput [image1 GetOutput] jpgw1 SetInput [image1 GetOutput]
psw1 SetFileName $dir/jpgw1.jpg jpgw1 SetFileName $dir/jpgw1.jpg
vtkJPEGWriter jpgw2 vtkJPEGWriter jpgw2
psw2 SetInput [luminance GetOutput] jpgw2 SetInput [luminance GetOutput]
psw2 SetFileName $dir/jpgw2.jpg jpgw2 SetFileName $dir/jpgw2.jpg
tiff1 Write tiff1 Write
tiff2 Write tiff2 Write
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