Commit 430ae03d authored by David Partyka's avatar David Partyka
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Add vtk module path when vtkpython is built as a forwarding executable.

parent 47f5967b
......@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@ static void vtkPythonAppInitPrependPath(const char* self_dir)
// packages in sys.path himself/herself.
const char* inst_dirs[] = {
"/lib/python" VTK_PYTHON_VERSION "/site-packages/vtk", // UNIX --prefix
"/python" VTK_PYTHON_VERSION "/site-packages/vtk", // UNIX + Forwarding exe --prefix
"/lib/python/vtk", // UNIX --home
"/Lib/site-packages/vtk", "/Lib/vtk", // Windows
"/site-packages/vtk", "/vtk", // Windows
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