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STYLE: Updated documentation to include mention of VTK_PYTHON_SETUP_ARGS.

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......@@ -291,7 +291,15 @@ in the form of Debian, RPM and other packages.
The VTK install rule (`make install` under Unix) will usually do the
right thing in installing everything. Make sure that the
`CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX` variable is set appropriately.
`CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX` variable is set appropriately. There are two
ways to customize python module installation. First, one may modify
the VTK_PYTHON_SETUP_ARGS CMake cache variable to set the options
passed to the script. The default value for this variable
provides reasonable behavior for packagers. Second, one may
define VTK_INSTALL_NO_PYTHON:BOOL=ON in the CMake cache which will
disable the automatic execution of as part of the install
process. Then one may run ``python install`` manually
with the desired options.
Common problems
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