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STYLE:Clarify the use of virtual function

parent 185ce33c
......@@ -40,18 +40,19 @@ public:
// Set the dataset that will be manipulated through the adaptor interface.
// \pre ds_exists: ds!=0
void SetDataSet(vtkDataSet *ds);
// Description:
// Number of points composing the dataset. See NewPointIterator for more
// details.
// \post positive_result: result>=0
vtkIdType GetNumberOfPoints();
virtual vtkIdType GetNumberOfPoints();
// Description:
// Number of cells that explicitly define the dataset. See NewCellIterator
// for more details.
// \pre valid_dim_range: (dim>=-1) && (dim<=3)
// \post positive_result: result>=0
vtkIdType GetNumberOfCells(int dim=-1);
virtual vtkIdType GetNumberOfCells(int dim=-1);
// Description:
// Return -1 if the dataset is explicitly defined by cells of several
......@@ -59,7 +60,7 @@ public:
// cells of a unique
// dimension, return this dimension.
// \post valid_range: (result>=-1) && (result<=3)
int GetCellDimension();
virtual int GetCellDimension();
// Description:
// Get a list of types of cells in a dataset. The list consists of an array
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