Commit 124f5096 authored by Francois Bertel's avatar Francois Bertel
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COMP:Fixed warning as ir was made in the test

parent c924872c
......@@ -132,15 +132,15 @@ void MyMain( vtkMultiProcessController *controller, void *arg )
if (myid != 0)
// If I am not the root process
ParallelIsoRMIArgs_tmp args;
args.ContourFilter = iso;
args.Controller = controller;
args.Elevation = elev;
ParallelIsoRMIArgs_tmp args2;
args2.ContourFilter = iso;
args2.Controller = controller;
args2.Elevation = elev;
// Last, set up a RMI call back to change the iso surface value.
// This is done so that the root process can let this process
// know that it wants the contour value to change.
controller->AddRMI(SetIsoValueRMI, (void *)&args, ISO_VALUE_RMI_TAG);
controller->AddRMI(SetIsoValueRMI, (void *)&args2, ISO_VALUE_RMI_TAG);
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