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* @class vtkNamedColors
* @brief A class holding colors and their names.
* vtkNamedColors is class that holds colors and their associated names.
* For a web page of VTK Named Colors and their RGB values, see:
* <a href="">VTKNamedColorPatches</a>.
* Use
* <a href="">NamedColorPatches</a>
* to generate this table.
* Color names are case insensitive and are stored as lower-case names
* along with a 4-element array whose elements are red, green, blue and alpha,
......@@ -26,27 +30,20 @@
* lies in the range 0...255 and if the RGBA values are double then each
* element lies in the range 0...1.
* The colors and names are those in
* The colors and names are those in <a href="">Web colors</a>
* that are derived from the CSS3 specification:
* <a href="">CSS Color Module Level 3</a>
* In this table common synonyms such as cyan/aqua and
* magenta/fuchsia are also included.
* Also included in this class are names and colors taken from
* Wrapping/Tcl/vtktesting/colors.tcl and Wrapping/Python/vtk/util/
* Web colors and names in take
* Web colors and names in <a href="">Web colors</a> take
* precedence over those in colors.tcl and One consequence of this
* is that while and colors.tcl specify green as equivalent to
* (0,255,0), the web color standard defines it as (0,128,0).
* For a web page of VTK Named Colors and their RGB values, see:
* .
* The code used to generate this table is available from:
* ,
* this is useful if you wish to generate your own table.
* The SetColor methods will overwrite existing colors if the name of the
* color being set matches an existing color. Note that ColorExists() can be
* used to test for existence of the color being set.
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