Commit 1032c7d0 authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi Committed by Marcus D. Hanwell
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COMP: include headers for all special types, for now

The wrappers should automatically identify any special types used
by the methods of a class and include the header files in the wrapper
files.  But until then, hard-code the header inclusion.
parent 1aa89c5e
...@@ -2485,6 +2485,8 @@ void vtkParseOutput(FILE *fp, FileInfo *data) ...@@ -2485,6 +2485,8 @@ void vtkParseOutput(FILE *fp, FileInfo *data)
fprintf(fp, fprintf(fp,
"#include \"vtkStdString.h\"\n" "#include \"vtkStdString.h\"\n"
"#include \"vtkUnicodeString.h\"\n" "#include \"vtkUnicodeString.h\"\n"
"#include \"vtkTimeStamp.h\"\n"
"#include \"vtkVariant.h\"\n"
"#include \"%s.h\"\n", "#include \"%s.h\"\n",
data->ClassName); data->ClassName);
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