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Commit 0e011ced authored by Berk Geveci's avatar Berk Geveci
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COMP: Fixed compile warning. Fixed doc.

parent 9b35cea5
......@@ -12,14 +12,12 @@
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// This program demonstrates the use ports by setting up a simple
// pipeline. All processes create an identical pipeline:
// vtkImageReader -> vtkContourFilter -> vtkProcessIdScalars
// In addition, the first (root) process creates n input ports
// (where n=nProcs-1), each attached to an output port on the other
// processes. It then appends the polygonal output from all input
// ports and it's own pipeline and renders the result ISO_NUM times,
// each time setting a different scalar value to be contoured.
// This example demonstrates the use of data parallelism in VTK. The
// pipeline ( vtkImageReader -> vtkContourFilter -> vtkElevationFilter )
// is created in parallel and each process is assigned 1 piece to process.
// All satellite processes send the result to the first process which
// collects and renders them.
#include "vtkActor.h"
#include "vtkAppendPolyData.h"
#include "vtkCamera.h"
......@@ -94,7 +92,6 @@ void MyMain( vtkMultiProcessController *controller, void *arg )
vtkElevationFilter *elev;
int myid, numProcs;
float val;
int numTris;
ParallelIsoArgs_tmp* args = reinterpret_cast<ParallelIsoArgs_tmp*>(arg);
// Obtain the id of the running process and the total
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