Commit 0a2836c7 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard
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Fix off by one error in vtkFLUENTReader::GetCellsAscii().

Thanks to Dan Clark to pointing out the issue in the vtkFLUENTReader.

Change-Id: I0bea0c4ed74917d6af913d95f8cfd9a6d45dec11
parent a17a90c2
......@@ -2666,7 +2666,7 @@ void vtkFLUENTReader::GetCellsAscii()
vtksys_ios::stringstream pdatastream(pdata);
for (int i = firstIndex; i <=lastIndex; i++)
pdatastream >> this->Cells->value[i].type;
pdatastream >> this->Cells->value[i-1].type;
this->Cells->value[i-1].zone = zoneId;
this->Cells->value[i-1].parent = 0;
this->Cells->value[i-1].child = 0;
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