Commit 086c487f authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi

Expand the description of vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors

This filter is most often to apply a Window/Level operation to
grayscale input data, without a lookup table, so I have put that
first in the description.  The less-common use of modulating the
color produced by a lookup table has been moved to the end.
parent 9095631e
......@@ -14,16 +14,27 @@
* @class vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors
* @brief map the input image through a lookup table and window / level it
* The vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors filter will take an input image of any
* valid scalar type, and map the first component of the image through a
* lookup table. This resulting color will be modulated with value obtained
* by a window / level operation. The result is an image of type
* VTK_UNSIGNED_CHAR. If the lookup table is not set, or is set to nullptr, then
* the input data will be passed through if it is already of type
* @brief Map an image through a lookup table and/or a window/level.
* The vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors filter can be used to perform
* the following operations depending on its settings:
* -# If no lookup table is provided, and if the input data has a single
* component (any numerical scalar type is allowed), then the data is
* mapped through the specified Window/Level. The type of the output
* scalars will be "unsigned char" with a range of (0,255).
* -# If no lookup table is provided, and if the input data is already
* unsigned char, and if the Window/Level is set to 255.0/127.5, then
* the input data will be passed directly to the output.
* -# If a lookup table is provided, then the first component of the
* input data is mapped through the lookup table (using the Range of
* the lookup table), and the resulting color is modulated according
* to the Window/Level. For example, if the input value is 500 and
* the Window/Level are 2000/1000, the output value will be RGB*0.25
* where RGB is the color assigned by the lookup table and 0.25 is
* the modulation factor.
* See SetWindow() and SetLevel() for the equations used for modulation.
* To map scalars through a lookup table without modulating the resulting
* color, use vtkImageMapToColors instead of this filter.
* @sa
* vtkLookupTable vtkScalarsToColors
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