Commit 0364f9b9 authored by Andy Wilson's avatar Andy Wilson
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Insert numeric values with SetVariantValue instead of ToDouble()

InsertNextRow(vtkVariantArray) was transferring numeric values from the
input to the row data by calling SetTuple1(value.ToDouble()).  This
corrupted the low-order bits of 64-bit integers due to loss of precision.
We avoid this by using the new SetVariantValue method on vtkAbstractArray.
parent 4919ec80
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ void vtkTable::SetValue(vtkIdType row, vtkIdType col, vtkVariant value)
vtkDataArray* data = vtkDataArray::SafeDownCast(arr);
if (comps == 1)
data->SetTuple1(row, value.ToDouble());
data->SetVariantValue(row, value);
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