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    Allow the examples to specify what modules to use. · 733ef2dd
    Andrew Maclean authored
    This approach demonstrates good programming practice by only
    linking to the needed modules.
    It also removed the need to set CMP0020 to NEW in all cases
    except those examples that link to Qt.
    The include(${VTK_USE_FILE}) has been removed from the
    top-level CMakeLists.txt file as it is unnecessary.
    The solution presented here will work with the Examples built
    as a stand-alone folder or within the VTK tree or with the
    individual examples.
    They have been tested on Linux, Windows VS2012 Express,
    Mac OS-X 10.9 using Qt5.1.1.
    Change-Id: I0572a395b2ebc6630db8c1407f410a584f668a85
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Maclean's avatarAndrew Maclean <andrew.amaclean@gmail.com>
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