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    use SetMaxDiscreteValues for categorical color map · 2c86574b
    Zack Galbreath authored
    Use the new function vtkAbstractArray::SetMaxDiscreteValues within
    vtkTreeHeatmapItem.  This allows us to properly color categorical
    datasets that contain more than 32 distinct values.
    Within this commit, we also change the color set that we're using for
    the categorical color map.  The accent set is pretty, but it only has
    8 different values.  Instead we'll use qualitative set3 because it
    has 12 values.
    Finally, we fix a bug in vtkTreeHeatmapItem so that our NaN color
    (grey) is used appropriately by our categorical lookup table.
    Change-Id: I53bc9f13240be8c0c10b5dbc77bdcca1ea0fa2a1