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    Set CMake Policies CMP0025 and CMP0042 as necessary · 2ad9f474
    Brad King authored
    CMake 3.0 introduces these policies to improve default behavior on OS X.
    Set them explicitly in VTK to avoid policy warnings.  VTK already works
    with the NEW behavior.
    Policy CMP0025 affects the project() command when the Apple Clang
    compiler is used so we need to set it in all the Examples.  Policy
    CMP0042 affects shared libraries on OS X, enabling MACOSX_RPATH by
    default.  Set it in directories where we create libraries.  Also tell
    KWSys to enable MACOSX_RPATH explicitly instead of setting the policy.
    Change-Id: I543b60ee1b8f629adb150e01ee83d99dddb66f46
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