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    Add more environment variables to configure/debug matplotlib. · 10ff04a8
    David C. Lonie authored
    This class is aware of a number of enviroment variables that can be used to
    configure and debug python initialization (all are optional):
    - VTK_MATPLOTLIB_DEBUG: Enable verbose debugging output during initialization
      of the python environment.
    - VTK_MATPLOTLIB_PYTHONINTERP: Path to the python interpreter. This will be
      passed to Py_SetProgramName prior to calling Py_Initialize.
    - VTK_MATPLOTLIB_PYTHONHOME: See the Python documentation on the PYTHONHOME
      environment variable. This will be passed to Py_SetPythonHome prior to
      calling Py_Initialize.
    - VTK_MATPLOTLIB_PYTHONPATH: A list of additional python module paths to be
      prepended to the sys.path object after initialization. Use ';' on windows and
      ':' on apple/linux to separate multiple paths.
    Change-Id: I00613c3254750d26de350514a426fe24ce26f732
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