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    Add classes to manage point coordinates. · 7d769a8f
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    Each type of point coordinates has its own class with the name
    PointCoordinates*. Currently there is a PointCoordiantesArray that contains
    an ArrayHandle holding the point coordinates and a PointCoordinatesUniform
    that takes the standard extent, origin, and spacing for a uniform rectilinear
    grid and defines point coordiantes for that. Creating new PointCoordinates
    arrays is pretty easy, and we will almost definitely add more. For example,
    we should have an elevation version that takes uniform coordinates for
    a 2D grid and then an elevation in the third dimension. We can probably
    also use a basic composite point coordinates that can build them from
    other coordinates.
    There is also a DynamicPointCoordinates class that polymorphically stores
    an instance of a PointCoordinates class. It has a CastAndCall method that
    behaves like DynamicArrayHandle; it can call a functor with an array handle
    (possible implicit) that holds the point coordinates.
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